Zacheri's Website


I am making behind the scene changes for this website.


I created this website because I had nothing better to do :3.

Contact Me

Email Me: Zacheri Uebele


I like to program. Well how else would this website be up? Certainly it's not up to impress classmates or anything ;). But in all seriousness I do like to program primarily in HTML 5.


When it comes to gaming, I'm all for the PC Master Race. Don't get me wrong, I'm heavy on Xbox gaming as well - I don't game on PlayStations by the way. But my favorite game would be Super Smash Bros. or Titanfall.


I like to do minor photography whenever a good chance pops up. While I don't take it very seriously, I do take pictures of objects that look like they'd be a good wallpaper. If I want a new wallpaper but can't find a good one, I'll 3D model one in Blender.